Clínica Recal Tratamiento de adicciones

About us

Fundacion Recal is a private non-profit organisation based in Madrid, which was founded in 2001 by Maximillian Von Habsburg. The primary objective of the Foundation is to provide help to individuals who are suffering from addiction.


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Habitación Clínica Recal Tratamiento de adicciones

Our Centres

Our main centre is located in Majadahonda (Madrid). The bespoke design ensures that patients enjoy a quiet, contained space that respects their rights to be treated with dignity and confidentiality. 


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Our team

Our multi-disciplinary team comprises dedicated, very human, empathic professionals with the specialist knowledge, skills and expertise to support each patient and family member in his/her journey into recovery.


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Clínica de Tratamiento de Adicciones Fundación Recal


We treat all kinds of addictions (alcohol, drugs, games, sex, technology, eating disorders …). We’ve got the best team for the treatment of addiction, ready to help to stop consuming forever, and lead a full and happy life.


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Ayudas a familias de adictos


We involve family members in the treatment of their loved and support individual family members and the whole family in their own right to find ways to recover from addiction and its effects and to restore health and wellbeing.


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There is a way out of addiction, but you need help on the journey

Fundacion Recal is a non-profit organisation based in Madrid that provides high quality services to people affected by addiction through Treatment, support for Families and a programme for Youth at Risk


Please contact us if you are looking for help with an addiction problem, wish to make a referral, would like to collaborate with us, work for Recal or to discuss making a donation.