Because of the nature of addiction, the focus of the family tends understandably to be on the person with the identified problem. Unfortunately and unhelpfully many professionals follow this same course. At Recal we take a different approach. We recognise that families are also affected by addiction and that often, despite their best intentions, the way they relate to the overtly addicted person may not always serve everyone’s best interests.


Families can feel consumed by addiction as their life seems to reduce to an obsessive preoccupation with what is happening with the addicted person and with finding ways to get that person to stop. This has a negative effect of their physical and psychological health. They may experience both depression and anxiety and struggle to cope, which can result in nervous tension, gastric problems and generally depleted health.  They can find their mental capacity is impaired.


Recal for Families offers help in two ways:


  • We involve family members in the treatment of their loved on helping the family as a whole to recognise that addiction has emerged in the family, the effect it is having on everyone and how together they can recover
  • We support individual family members and the whole family in their own right to find ways to recover from addiction and its effects and to restore health and wellbeing


A meeting for family members that is held weekly and facilitated by two members of the Recal treatment staff explores everyday issues confronting families affected by addiction. Each week the group focusses on a topic chosen in consultation with those attending. This provides an opportunity for the members of different families to share experience and ideas on how securing recovery.



At Fundación Recal Madrid we offer outpatient interventions, individual and group therapies for patients and their families who need help either with substance abuse or compulsive behaviours.


Addiction does not just destroy the life of the addict, but also that of their family members. We estimate that every addict affects at least four more lives, be it those of their parents, partner, spouse, siblings, children, colleagues…


From our experience, the inability of the addict to maintain healthy relationships with others and manage their own feelings in a healthy way is the essence of addiction.


As a result, the addiction is transferred to the family exponentially, changing the existing relationship with a range of negative attitudes and emotions, which are shared with the addict and prevent recovery, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the individual.


Emotions of the addict vs. family member/friend  →


Our experience with patients and families which we have accompanied, both in and after treatment, is that the degenerative and destructive process can be stopped, and the addict and their family environment can begin what we call their RECOVERY process which allows the addict to stop using, and begin to live without their drug or behaviour of choice. There is a notable and sustained improvement of those affected in all areas of their lives.

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