Our Team

A multidisciplinary team


Our multi-disciplinary team comprises dedicated, very human, empathic professionals with the specialist knowledge, skills and expertise to support each patient and family member in his/her journey into recovery while optimising the treatment experience of all patients at our centres.

Our staff understand that there is much benefit to be gained for the patient from good teamwork. While patients will be assigned to the care of a counsellor, it is understood that the whole team shares in that responsibility.  Our team members work across our treatment services and programmes.


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President – Managing Director

Founder of Fundación Recal in 2001. Eton Windsor. Entrepreneur in the field of medicine.


Director of Treatment  –  Medical Psycologist

Vocational and passionate, I am enthusiastic and dedicated to my team, convinced that it is possible to break the cycle of suffering caused by addiction and find a new way to live.

Degree in Psychology with permanent authoritation to practice Clinical Psychology. Certified in Criminology. Specialist in Psychotherapy. Specialist in Drug Addiction. Specialist in Systemic family and couples therapy. EMDR therapist. EMDR therapist in eating disorders. MBSA mindfulness therapist.


Head Doctor

I am motivated by scientific developments and the challenge in treating the patient suffering from addiction.

Head Doctor, expert in addictions. Degree in Medicine from Universidad Complutense in Madrid. Experience in detoxification using medication. Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team to achieve addiction treatment. Works in the network of centres of the General sub-directorate Against Addictions in Madrid.



I am grateful to be able to work with the team at Fundación Recal to treat the disease of addiction, because I believe that it is a complicated illness with a wide variability between individuals, influenced by the family and social environment, and that recovery is very much related to the capacity for change and human growth.

Psychiatrist with professional development and experience in addictions. Degree in Medicine from Universidad Complutense in Madrid. Masters degree in Integrated Psychotherapy from Universidad de Alcalá. Masters degree in Psychopharmacology from University of Valencia. Training and aptitude to work in multi  disciplinary teams to approach addiction treatment.



Degree in Nursing. Certified in Physiotherapy and expert in Traumatology and Sports Physiotherapy.

Recal contributes a lot of things which enable me to confront my day to day in all aspects of my life, its patients, its philosophy, my colleagues, even its location. I see great changes in the patients on a daily basis from when they are admitted to when they are discharged. The great work of Recal and its team does not finish there, because we do not forget that it is a chronic disease and the follow up of the disease is for life. There is so much to do! I love helping!


Nurse Assistant for special cares

I thank the Recal Foundation for the opportunity to be part of its team, which will allow me to expand my knowledge, both professionally, academically and personally.

I am looking forward to being part of a project where personal improvement and the fight against the adversity of addiction are paramount.


Nurse Assistant for special cares

Thankful for being part of the team; for me it is a privilege to be able to help patients.


Therapeutic Coordinator  –  Medical Psychologist

I love working as a therapist in direct contact with the patients, and also in group therapy, as well as enjoying academic work.

Degree in psychology with a Masters degree in medicine and health from Universidad Complutense in Madrid, with professional development in the cognitive behavioural therapy area. Daniel has been working at Recal from 2011 where he has found a more complete understanding of psychology thanks to the 12 Steps program.


Doctor in Medical Psychology

I put my long academic and research career combined with 20 years of clinical experience at the disposition of Fundación Recal. I believe deeply in the potential that the human being possesses to recover.

Degree in Psychology. Masters degree in Medical Psychology. Doctor in Psychological Sciences from Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas, Cuba. Boris has a vast experience in the development of treatments to encourage self-control in addictive behaviours, with a strong interest in behaviours and eating disorders. With more than 15 years of clinical experience, he is currently a member of the editorial committee of the Eating Behaviour section in the Frontiers in Psychology journal.



The main motivation that helps me to appreciate my profession is the satisfaction of accompanying people who are suffering on their journey to find a new way of life and learning with them every day. The day I understood and accepted that their recovery did not only depend on what I invested but rather on the recovery process of each individual and I learnt to accompany each person through that moment, was when the quality of my work improved and as a consequence its results too.

Degree in Psychology, with experience at South Miami Hospital. Masters degree in Family Therapies from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Specialist in Human Sexuality. Course in Hospital Management and Administration from Universidad de Navarra. More than 23 years of experience in addiction treatment.



With 25 years of experience in the field of addictions I have a great ability to accompany other human beings on their journey to freedom from substance and behavioural dependences with love, insight and professionalism. In addition, my multidisciplinary training has allowed me to form a comprehensive vision towards the mind, body and soul of the human being.

Honours degree in Psychology from Thames Valley University in London. Specialist in treatment for family members of addicts. Addiction interventionist. Certified in acupuncture. Member of the European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. MBSA mindfulness therapist. Specialist in trauma and re-parenting model by TW Training. Level 1 trauma and re-parenting model by TW Training Events.



I am dedicated and committed to forming part of an excellent team of professionals. Using my own experience within professional boundaries, I try to help anybody who asks for help start a new life. I understand the individual problem and that of the family caused by active addiction. Honest, receptive and good willed.
Addiction therapist, family therapist and professional drug addict interventionist.


Medical Psychologist

For me, working here is very motivating because it helps me to grow as a person and I feel very fortunate to be able to make a contribution to this fantastic team and benefit from a great learning experience whilst helping those that need it, which is very important to me. 

Degree in Psychology from Universidad Complutense of Madrid with permanent authorisation to practice clinical psychology. Psychodramatist and expert in learning difficulties. Zen Coaching Specialist.



Being able to accompany people through the process of significant changes of recovery, integration and freedom motivates me. 

Social coach, co-facilitator and activity monitor. Personal development training and technician in professional guidance around addictive behaviours (Minnesota Model) as well as guided meditation.

Lourdes de Loma-Osorio


Ontological Coach

My main motivation is to be able to accompany young people to find the way to improve and recover, through personal growth and the strengthening of their values ​​and talents. Performing this job is a great opportunity for me to continue learning and growing in my work as a therapist.

Diploma in teaching from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
Ontological Coach expert in Adolescence and Family.
Specialist in personal development of adolescents.
Team coach
Addiction Interventionist.


Activity Monitor

I am currently completing my studies in coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. I like solutions to be simple and tangible and enjoy giving back what was once given to me; a useful, fulfilled and happy life in recovery.

Minnesota Model Addictive Behavior Technician.
European Master in Personal Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming PNL M1.
Professional technician in personal coaching.
Addiction Interventionist Course.
Transpersonal support in addictions.


Activity Monitor

I am always available to help an addict. I am delighted to be able to clearly carry the message and do so in happy collaboration with those around me.. I enjoy going to the cinema, reading a good book or having a coffee over a long conversation.

University course in addictions, alcoholism and drug addiction, university course in cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, activity monitor.


Activity Accompanying Monitor

Grateful to be a part of Fundación Recal, which I joined a few years ago to live a life in recovery. Always willing to help those who need it. Cooperative with patients and delighted to be able to share with them my life experience and to listen to theirs. Everyday life in Recal helps me grow as a person. I love car racing, travelling to remote places all over the world, and my job as Activity Monitor in Fundación Recal. 

Currently taking Addiction coruses, and how to prevent it in the teenage years.

Nuno Henestrosa


My main motivation in Recal is to give these classes in order to reinforce patient´s self-esteem so they have a safe area through which they can  re-direct the rage and anger so characteristic in the first stage of withdrawal.

Practice, competition  and teaching in different sport centers, both in Spain for the MUAY SAPEIN team and in Thailand. Five years of certified training in Thailand. International MUAY THAY , KIT Boxing and  MMA referee.

Practical Course in Integral Clinical Approach in the Treatment of Addictions 400 hours.

Marta de LA Rocha

Art Therapy

I am very grateful to Fundación Recal for giving me the opportunity to of sharing my artistic educational activity to motivate and help grow  patients´  personal development. 

Degree in Arts by Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Doctor-to-be in Feminist and Gender Studies (in Art), Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Over 20 years of multidisciplinary experience in Visual Arts and 18 years teaching experience in artistic teaching.



Happy and thankful to be able to share my knowledge with Fundación Recal. I have many years of experience observing the change of hundreds of pupils and patients with physical and emotional damage due to wrong physical, mental and emotional habits. As it happens with our life, body activates pain when it twistes due to wrong postures.


Aministration Department Supervisor

Thankful to be a part of this project, which provides a new way of life to people afected by addition, as well as to their families. 

Degree in Law by Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. Trained in Family Therapy  Interventionist.

Systemic Family Therapy Course.



I enjoy collaborating with a team of people who are cheerful and fully dedicated to recovery of the addict.

Degree in business sciences with experience in administration and business management.



I enjoy being part of a team which works with enthusiasm, honesty and commitment to improve people’s quality of life.

Degree from Universidad Complutense in Madrid; professional secretarial training.