Our Purpose

About Fundación Recal

Fundación Recal is a private non-profit organisation, which was founded in Madrid in 2001 by Maximillian Von Habsburg, with the primary objective of helping and reintroducing back into society individuals suffering from addiction to any substance and/or behaviour, , whilst also providing support to their families.

Fundación Recal holds over 16 years experience offering addiction treatment. Its main treatment centre is in the town of Majadahonda (Madrid), and has two flats in Pozuelo de Alarcón, allowing continued support of patients once they have finished the first stage of treatment. It also has a day support centre in the centre of Madrid for patients who have less intensive therapeutic needs. All of our centres are licensed by the General Sub Directorate of Addictions in the Community of Madrid, which is part of the Ministry of Health.

We are audited by the Fundación Lealtad, and we also undergo an annual external audit to guarantee the transparency of our actions.



  1. Assistance, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of patients suffering from addiction disorders and/or behaviours, in addition to providing support to family members.
  2. Social reintegration and employment of patients.
  3. Continued professional development of therapists in the field of addiction treatment.


Our Principles

Our treatment programme is based on principles and values, which drive and influence all our actions towards patients.

HONESTY. Our actions are always guided by a sense of justice and integrity.

RESPECT. To be equal for all people, over and above beliefs, past actions etc. The value encompasses that of pluralism and tolerance.

PERSERVERENCE. Our work is based on continuity and the commitment in what we do, independent of results.

RESPONSIBILITY. We assume a moral obligation of responsibility towards our patients.

GENEROSITY. Give without hoping for anything in return, within the realms of the responsibilities of our charity.

SOLIDARITY. This value motivates us to collaborate towards constant improvement, based on our caring about the lives of others.

CHRISTIAN VALUES. The charity’s beliefs are based around Christian values, whilst always respecting all other religious/spiritual beliefs or atheism.

PROFESSIONALISM. Commitment to ensuring our employees are the best; continuously improving through professional development..