Smoking is responsible for approximately 15% of deaths in Spain and kills approximately 200 people every day, of which 166 are men and 40 are women. Smoking has been linked to numerous diseases. The largest percentage of smokers is aged from 25 to 39 years of age (40%), followed by those aged between 40 and 59 (39%).

It has been shown that treatments substituting nicotine have been demonstrated to be effective in reducing tobacco consumption; these should be combined with psychological interventions to quit the habit. The problem with giving up smoking is not just in substituting nicotine. There are strong psychosocial pressures that encourage smoking. At Fundación Recal we offer alternative evidence based treatments to help you quit smoking, such as education about health habits and lifestyle choices, in the form of educational talks, group and individual therapy, combined with an individual treatment plan, always based on the 12 Step programme.