What is a Sponsor?

The relationship with a sponsor is personal and private and can mean different things to different people. For the purpose of this information an NA sponsor is a member of Narcotics Anonymous who follows their recovery programme and is willing to build a special, supportive and personal relationship with a sponsee. Most members consider that, above all a sponsor can help us to work through the 12 Steps of NA and, at times, the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts.  

A sponsor is not necessarily a friend, but can be somebody whom we trust.

We may prefer to share things with our sponsor that we would find uncomfortable sharing in a meeting. 

My relationship with my sponsor has been the key to gaining confidence in other people and working through the steps. I shared the total chaos of my life with him, and he told me that the same had happened to him. He showed me how to start living without drugs.
— IP N°11. Sponsorship, Revised.